SSAMI Bio-Threat Trainer

Safe Sampler and Multiplex Indicator
Rapid Threat Testing for ‘White Powder’ Incidents

The SSAMI-Bio-Threat Trainer provides a rapid testing simulator for assessing potential biothreats contained in an unknown ‘white powder.’


Each Unit = 1 Box of 10 SSAMI Devices

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The  SSAMI Bio-Threat Trainer provides a rapid testing simulator for assessing potential biothreats contained in an unknown  ‘white powder.’ Using an integrated sponge, the Sampler is used to directly sample powders, surfaces, or liquids. After the sample has been collected and processed,  a  fraction of that liquid is seamlessly transferred into the  SSAMI  BioTrainer  Detector. A  second sample is retained in the device, which can be used for follow-on testing.    Once the sample has been transferred into the  Detector,  results are visible within  15  minutes. The BioTrainer functions identically to the SSAMI BioThreat in demonstrating the four possible outcomes: positive, negative, invalid (with line), invalid, and no line. The bio-trainer is not capable of reading live biological agents.


  • Results in 15 minutes
  • Easy to use in full MOPP/PPE
  • No power requirements
  • Samples surfaces, solids, and liquids
  • Facilitates chain of evidence

Testing Made Simple:

The surface sampling device (SSD) is coupled with a Lateral Flow Strip Test Assembly Container (LF-STAC). The SSD is common to all contaminated surface sampling and can be used to sample biological agents, chemical agents, explosives, narcotics, and other pathogens. It comprises a pre-moistened sponge that is used to collect the sample. Once returned to the housing, the sample is safely contained and allows ‘no contamination’ transfer of at least 1.8 ml sample to be injected into the LF-STAC. The LF-STAC, containing up to 12 threat detectors, will then analyze and display the results. A second sample is retained in the SSD, which can be used for confirmatory testing in a second LF-STAC, retained for further laboratory analysis, or safely stored as evidence. The LF-STAC can be configured to customer requirements.


• Dimensions – 5.5 x 1.6 x 1.6 in (14 x 4 x 4 cm)
• Weight – 3 oz (85g)
• Power Requirements – None
• Noise Produced – None
• Transportability – Pocket Size
• Durability – Rugged
• Operating Conditions -Store 4 to 28°C (39 to 82°F), 2 to 50ºC (36 to 122ºF); 10 to 95% RH
• Consumables -Test strips
• Solvents/Reagents – PBS Buffer or water
• Calibration Schedule – None
• Suggested Routine Maintenance – None
• Available Accessories – Interpretation cards
• Shelf Life – 24 Months
• Maintenance Cost – None