Speed, Agility and Efficiencies Make Mountain Horse Solutions Firm Favorite with AmSafe Bridport

June 29, 2018, Colorado Springs, CO USA — Mountain Horse Solutions,  is proud to announce that is has been appointed as the AmSafe Bridport’s™ exclusive value-added reseller and master (main) distributor for Tarian™ RPG Vehicle Protection System for the U.S. defense market. This partnership is the outgrowth of an established relationship where Mountain Horse Solutions proved its capability over the last eight months in facilitating sales and distribution of Tarian and other cargo restraint and protection products to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Mountain Horse’s track record in DoD and commercial markets plus their ability to provide streamlined contracting pathways, enabling acquisitions in weeks, not months, was a key factor to the appointment. Their organizational strength and depth of service across diverse business sectors showed great versatility and was also a major contribution to AmSafe Bridport’s decision.

“We are delighted to have Mountain Horse acting as the exclusive distributor for our Tarian product in the United States,” says Joe Ashton, Sales Director, AmSafe Bridport.   Mountain Horse will be driving our sales and marketing strategy for this key product, is an extremely important geographic region, and we look forward to working with them.”

“Our team is extremely excited about our partnership with AmSafe Bridport. Leveraging our market expertise with a world-class manufacturer like AmSafe Bridport creates the opportunity to introduce the Tarian protection system to the U.S. defense market. We look forward to collaborating with AmSafe Bridport to drive the growth of this innovative passive RPG protection system, where it’s amazing technology will help protect those in uniform,” says William Allen, President, Mountain Horse Solutions.

“Mountain Horse is joining the AmSaf team as of 1st July to ensure the partnership continues to develop new opportunities for both parties,” says Chris Witts, Business Manager, who has a vast product and market knowledge with eight years formerly working at AmSafe Bridport, specifically with Tarian.

About Mountain Horse Solutions

Mountain Horse Solutions supplies rapid response customized equipment, systems, and training for infectious disease, security, technology, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) hazards. We specially design innovative solutions, to meet the individual unique threats, needs, and requirements of military and first responders. Our team of professionals from around the globe has extensive experience with commercial, DOD, and U.S. Federal Government customers. Mountain Horse Solutions serves organizations, agencies, and contractors worldwide. To find out more visit:

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About AmSafe Bridport

We are problem solvers and solution providers, designing and manufacturing engineered textile solutions for the safety and securement needs of the global aerospace and defense markets. We specialize in engineering quality and innovative products that withstand high dynamic stress loads and provide safer, more efficient airframe restraints & barrier solutions, cargo handling & movement systems, and RPG protection for armored vehicles. With manufacturing operations and service facilities around the globe, we have the reach to provide solutions to our customers worldwide. To find out more visit:

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