Acapulka makes quality endurance Pulks.  Acapulka was founded in June 1994. In the following season, our Pulkas were on a large expedition to the South Pole. Since then we have successfully experimented with materials, forms, and finishing processes.
In 1996 an office was set up in Norway. Sales were then run from there.

Expeditions, mainly in the Arctic, Antarctic, and Greenland, often chose ACAPULKA Pulks as their supplier. The tailor-made Pulkas (Pulks) were an important prerequisite for a successful tour. Since 1999 we have been supported in product development by the expedition professional Børge Ousland. Due to his experience, expertise and ideas, he has become an important advisor. Since 2002 we have set up the Norwegian company ACAPULKA Norge A/S. A large part of the now numerous Pulka models are produced in Norway.

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