EGRET – EELS/VELS – Escape Lighting

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The EGRET – EELS/VELS – Escape Lighting System is an important aid to crew survivability, designed to guide personnel to vehicle exits in the aftermath of an incident.

The Egret system comprises several standard modular elements; various alert lights, impulse detectors, roll-over sensors, water sensors, and battery that collectively make a tailored vehicle EGRET lighting system.

• Standard modular component designs
• Configurable for all vehicle types
• Runs directly from a vehicle power
• Robust aluminum parts
• NEMA6P / IP68 waterproofing
• Standard Lithium cell backup (CR123A)
• Negligible through-life costs
• DEF STAN and MIL-STD compliant
• Rechargeable option if required
• Can be configured for cab lighting
• Typical system cost under $2000.

Power Supply with Vehicle Connection and COTS Primary Cell Backup
The vehicle connection is permanent so that the lights can be routinely used - the battery is only used if vehicle power is not available.

The escape lights are automatically activated by rollover, shock, or water ingress.

Vehicle Interior Lighting
To reduce the number of fixtures in the vehicle the escape lights can be configured to have a separate function to act as interior lights. This can be a different color from the escape lights – so you can, for example, have white interior lights and green escape lights.

Negligible Through-Life Cost
Low Cost
Long Life (5yrs)
Backup Battery Set - 8 no.
Battery Easily Available, CR123A cells

Small Size/Weight

Waterproof – NEMA6P

Vehicle Interior Lighting

Wide Operating Temperature Range
(-40°C to+70°C)

Lights always work regardless of vehicle power state.
Manufacturer proven track record.