Dynasystems™ Dynashield Window Systems

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Dynashield is an advanced window system that is able to withstand very high levels of blast and ballistic effects. Dynasystems Blast and Ballistic window systems provide the highest performance currently available in Blast and Ballistic mitigation technologies.


Dynashield Window Film
The Dynasystems Blast Film, when applied with additional accessories such as the No-Bar system significantly increases the resistance of the glazed elements to the effects of blast loading and forced entry.

Dynashield No-Bar
A unique blast film anchoring system, easily installed on-site, enabling the maximum use of the blast film’s tensile properties to resist blast pressures acting on the glazed surface.

Dynashield Clear-Bar
A catch system comprising of ultra-clear polycarbonate “bars’􀀜 The system is easily installed on-site and can retrofit an existing window against the effects of the blast by preventing the glazed pane from shattering and flying inwards. It also provides an effective barrier against break-in attempts, even after a blast incident.

Dynashield Cable-Catch
A system is a unique high-performance retrofit solution that can be designed to fit any size of the window. The high blast-resistant performance of the system is achieved by the proprietary designed Energy Absorbing Units (EAU) located at the cable anchoring points.