Defense Procurement Specialist Mountain Horse Solutions Announces Partnership with Icon Lifesaver

December 21, 2021, Colorado Springs, CO USA —Mountain Horse Solutions, a U.S. Defense and Mission Critical Equipment Supplier, announces its partnership with UK company Icon LifeSaver Limited. 

Icon LifeSaver has pioneered the category of portable water purification since its inception in 2008.  With a strong history in the Humanitarian sector and with an established, but expanding footprint in outdoor retail, this partnership underlines the intent to bring groundbreaking water purification technologies from Icon LifeSaver, into the US Government sector. 

Manufactured in the UK, LifeSaver® products are portable water purification devices that are pressurized with a built-in hand pump.  The air pressure developed by the hand-pump forces water through approximately 15nm (0.015 micron) hollow fiber membrane pores of an ultra-filtration cartridge and out through an exit nozzle, leaving contamination behind.  LifeSaver® purification technology provides a physical barrier against viruses, bacteria, and cysts.  No chemicals or electrical power is required.  Removing all microbiological contaminants, LifeSaver’s® water filters use a fail-safe membrane technology.  Once blocked, the filter no longer allows water to pass, keeping the user safe until a filter change has been carried out. 

The robust LifeSaver® Jerrycan is a portable water purifier holding 4.9 gallons (18.5 liters) of water at any one time, and with two filter size options, it provides either 2,600 gallons (10,000 liters) or 5,282 gallons (20,000 liters) of safe, clean, drinking water.  The LifeSaver® Jerrycan has full U.S. MEDCOM clearance for use by the US Military.   

The LifeSaver® Cube was originally designed in collaboration with Oxfam as a disaster response solution for clean water, in situations where communities have lost their infrastructure.  It has a storage capacity of 1.32 gallon (5 liters), is easily transported on NATO standard pallets, and is ideally suited to small groups. 

The Liberty™ water purifier bottle is the world’s first portable water purifier which is a bottle and in-line pump combined.  Robust, versatile, and easy to use, the Liberty™ is designed for individuals who need a reliable source of drinking water. 

Bill Allen, President of Mountain Horse Solutions, commented, “Water purifying technology that does not need power, removes all biological contaminants and reduces the logistic burden on our Military units, Emergency Management and Disaster Response organizations, and First Responders, is a win-win. We’re proud to partner with Icon LifeSaver on their highly innovative technology.” 

Icon LifeSaver® Chairman, Chris Marsden said, “This formal partnership shows the strength of the Icon LifeSaver relationship with Mountain Horse, who will be our exclusive military and government distributor in the USA” 

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